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WATCH TRIAL LIVE: State vs. Michael Dunn (9 a.m.)

Watch the murder retrial in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

Rain brings more flooding concerns

More heavy rain is forecast in Central Florida, soaking some regions that have recently flooded.


Sandbag locations in Central Fla.

City officials are making sandbags available for city residents across Central Florida as rain continues, prompting flooding concerns.


Brother gives Zimmerman details

Robert Zimmerman opens up to GQ Magazine about what life was like for the family before, during and after his brother's murder trial.


Former coach sues UCF

Allegations of discrimination, racist remarks and bullying have been laid out in a lawsuit against the University of Central Florida.


Man, 80, punched over foul language

A man is arrested after deputies say he punched an elderly man who asked him to stop using foul language inside a Port Orange Applebee's.


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On this day: September 30

Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs, James Dean dies in a car crash, "The Flintstones" and "Cheers" premiere, and researchers capture a giant squid on camera, all on this day.


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Where are 'Cheers' stars today?

With Tuesday marking the 32nd anniversary of the Sept. 30, 1982, debut of "Cheers," are you ready to revisit a place where everybody knows your name? Click on to see what the show's stars are up to today.


App shows best cell service

With the new iPhone6 just released, and a new Samsung coming out next month, a lot of people are thinking about signing new cell phone contracts.


Pics released in Winter Park attack

Pictures are released of a possible Winter Park attacker after a woman was robbed at gunpoint near the popular Park Avenue District.


Ravenous Pig worker held at gunpoint

Police are searching for a gunman who robbed an employee at the Ravenous Pig at 1234 Orange Ave. in Winter Park Sunday around 1:36 a.m.



La. restaurant gives discount to gun-toting patrons

Packing heat? You'll get 10 percent off your meal at one Louisiana restaurant.



Easy ways to break 10 bad habits

Think bad habits like nail biting are hard to break? Find out how to kick them for good.


Photos: Florida mug shots

Here's a look at some of the individuals who have been arrested recently in the Sunshine State.


Hong Kong's leader: China won't back down

As dusk fell on Hong Kong Tuesday evening, the mass of protesters packing the streets grew by the minute.

"Certainly the crowd is swelling as it did last night as sunset approaches and as both sides in this dispute appear to be digging in their…

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