Animal Care Services rescued a pit bull on Sunday that had been chained and abandoned with her puppies for almost a week outside a store in San Antonio.

Concerned residents reported the malnourished pit bull.

Along with ACS, Paws of Texas rescued four puppies that belonged to the mother, but three of them died.

Regina Rivas said she took a wrong turn when she was driving around Wednesday and spotted the pit bull.

She said the dog was stuck with its newborn puppies in the heat.

"I think this is horrible," Rivas said. "I think people are so cruel to do something like this, have a dog and they can't afford to keep it or whatever reason, come and chain it to a business like this with 8 puppies."

Rivas said she attempted to give the mother some food and water, but couldn't get too close because the dog was aggressive.

The owner of the store where the pit bull was chained up said she didn't know who put the dog there and said she was scared to get near the door.

Katherine Vara of Paws of Texas Rescue said the mother was very malnourished and was starved throughout her pregnancy.

"The problem is people do not see their pets as family members," Vara said. "A lot of people, unfortunately, see their pets as being disposable, and when they become too much of a financial burden on their family, they disregard them."

Rivas said ACS was called on Wednesday. However, It was not clear why they didn't respond to the abandoned dog until Sunday.

ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood said Sunday that she could only say that the pit bull was taken to an emergency vet for treatment.