To have your events included on the News 6/ Community Calendar, please send the following info via the community calendar email address (link below). Please do not mail or fax your request. All info mentioned below MUST be included for placement. Due to the volume of requests received, please submit your request at least three weeks prior to your event. We can take event requests up to 16 months in advance if you'd like to get it posted early. We will do our best, but items placed one week prior to the event date may not make the calendar. Please do not send your request typed in ALL CAPS. Also, please check your spelling before sending!

Due to security reasons we will not be able to open attachments, fliers or graphics. Please do not send these items or your email could be redirected to our junk mailbox. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Richardson at at 407-521-1258. *

Please submit the following required information:

  • 1. Name of the event
  • 2. Date of the event
    (if multiple dates please include)
  • 3. Start time of the event
    (if multiple dates please list times for each date)
  • 4. End time of the event
    (if multiple dates please list times for each date)
  • 5. Physical address of the event.
    (Give us the name of the location, but we will also need the physical address for mapping purposes. For example, if your event is taking place in Lake Eola Park, we also need the street address of the park.)
  • 6. Info on the event.
    We can place quite a bit of information in this area. Please include anything that describes your event and a contact name and phone number for people to call if more info is required. If you want to include information about your organization, this would be the spot for it. If you are listing a play or art display this is a great area for a description of the event and ticket information.


Once we receive your request and it is approved, the item will be place on our calendar. We will list church events such as bazaars and fairs but church services will not be listed due to the number of churches in the area. Items that are strictly commercial in nature will be included at the stations discretion. Listings about store openings or other items such as restaurant specials will not be listed.

*We can take event info up to a year in advance.