Hiking, biking and rock climbing

Published On: Jan 06 2013 05:34:53 PM EST

There are other things to do while in Las Vegas that don't involve chips or dice. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, located just west of the Vegas strip, can help relax and free your soul. A 13-mile, one-way loop takes you through the park with areas for hiking, areas to rock climb, or you can take your bike out for a spin. If you don't want to do anything, you can simply sit back and check out the colorful scenery. Visited by over 1 million people each year, the park which is part of the Mojave Desert can reach temperatures that can routinely exceed 105 degrees, so bring plenty of water. The day we toured the part it was in the 30's and we even saw some snow falling in the higher elevations. Join us here for a colorful trip around the park.