The season’s first big winter storm began hitting parts of the Midwest and East Coast on Thursday and continued into Friday morning.

January Storm - Boston Shoveling

A tattered flag flies by a flooded yard along the shore in Scituate, Mass.

The heaviest snow was reported in New England.

Shoveling, Detroit

The Weather Channel decided to name this storm “Hercules.” We don’t really know why.

Winter nor'easter snowstorm, Lawrence, Mass.

U.S. airlines were forced to cancel thousands of flights nationwide.

January Storm - La Guardia

New York City’s Mayor DeBlasio was out Friday morning demonstrating his shoveling technique.

Hours before the snow began in New York City, some Midwesterners were already buried well under it. Chicago has seen at least 9.2 inches so far.

Areas north of Chicago have seen more than 15 inches.

And just for fun