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1 property insurance claim can hike your premiums by...

File just one property claim to your insurer and you can expect to see your premiums soar by hundreds of dollars in some states.


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Crowdfunding your home renovation: Should you do it?

Meghan Reidy really doesn't like her downstairs bathroom. She and her husband are hoping that family, friends and maybe even complete strangers can help fund the $500 renovation.



Rich-poor gap 'concerns me': Yellen

Is rising income inequality un-American?

That's essentially the question Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen raised Friday in a speech on the widening gap between rich and poor in the United States.

"I think it is appropriate to ask whether this…


Nightmare on Wall Street: Is it over?

For a stock market that's effortlessly climbed higher for years, the past month has felt like something ripped out of a Hollywood horror film.



3 black eyes in the job market

A casual glance at the job market makes it appear that things are a lot better. The unemployment rate was 7.2% a year ago. Now it's 5.9%.

But there's a dark side to this recovery: Millions of people are still unemployed or underemployed.

A close look…


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AmazonFresh groceries arrive in Brooklyn

No beets til Brooklyn.

Amazon is bringing its AmazonFresh grocery delivery service to Brooklyn Friday, marking its East Coast debut.

Customers can order groceries and other stuff like toiletries and electronics. Orders for more than $35 that come in…


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Moody's downgrades Russia's debt

Oil, war and sanctions are weighing on Russia's credit ratings.

Moody's downgraded the country's debt by one notch Friday, citing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, capital flight and falling oil prices. The debt rating is now Baa2, just two notches…


Magic Leap

What is the mysterious Magic Leap?

It may have more than a half-billion dollars in the bank and the backing of tech titans like Google, as well as the investors with some of Silicon Valley's deepest pockets.

You've probably never heard of Magic Leap, a startup so secretive they're not…


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Apple unveils new iPads, releases OS X Yosemite

The iPad is getting a facelift.


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Finally! Stocks rally. But can it last?

For one day at least, Wall Street remembered that earnings matter. Stocks are storming higher Friday. The Dow rose 263 points, or 1.6%, its second best day of the entire year.


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