At what height should you tile your bathroom?

Published On: Mar 06 2012 11:38:15 AM EST   Updated On: Mar 22 2012 02:48:40 PM EDT

By KMS Woodworks, Networx

How high should you tile your bathroom walls?  Floor to ceiling is chic, but tile wainscotting also makes an impact.  This guide will help you decide how high to tile in your bathroom.


Standard Tub and Shower Walls

The minimum code height for a tub or shower enclosure’s water proof covering is 6' above the finished floor height. A practical height, when working with full sized 12” tiles is 6 courses. This results in a height that meets the minimum with a bit to spare when the grout lines are factored in. When I install shower tile about half of my clients go for tile all the way to the ceiling in the shower areas. This extra tile work adds little to the cost of the project and can give a modern look to an older bath. The big decisions come with tiling the rest of the room.


Tile Work Outside of the Shower







You can look at your bathroom walls a blank canvas, and you can look at tile as a palette with infinite choices.  Remember, bathroom tile design isn't just about color and texture -- carefully consider the height at which you place tile on your bathroom walls when designing.