Don't Forget About the Ceiling

You will be happily surprised by how much more space your garage will have in it when you transform your previously barren ceiling into useable storage space. Start by looking up and deciding what objects can simply be hung out of the way. Bikes and kayaks will free up tons of floor space when hung on hooks from your ceiling. You can build in even more space saving techniques by attaching shelves or cabinets high up on your walls so that the tops meet the ceiling. Remember to check out the structure of your garage before attempting to install ceiling shelving. Exposed beams are the easiest spots to attach brackets and other installation gear, but you can still work with drywall or false ceilings as long as you take the time to locate studs and structural beams. Then make sure to use strong mounting materials, such as galvanized lag bolts instead of screws to attach your new shelving. You can then use these out-of-the-way storage spaces for items that you do not use regularly. (Be careful with weight though -- you should store heavier items closer to the floor.)