After his death in 1871, the Massachusetts hat maker’s will was discovered to have the request that the skin from his body be used to make two drums, one of which was to have the Declaration of Independence written on it, the other with the Pope’s Universal Prayer. The drums were to be given to his friend Warren Simpson, who was to play “Yankee Doodle” at sunrise each June 17th at Bunker Hill.

1. T.M. Zink

The Iowa attorney left his daughter $5 and his wife absolutely nothing. He stipulated in his will that his $35,000 be placed in a trust for 75 years, and the accumulated sum should be used to build the “Zink Womanless Library,” with no works by female authors or artists, and all entrances would house the sign “No Women Allowed.” Zink’s daughter successfully contested the will and the library was never built.