2 men shoot up Herson's Hair Salon, rob customers

Gunmen stayed inside for 30 minutes, owner says

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Two men walked into an Orlando hair salon Saturday evening, fired a shot into the ceiling and ordered everyone to get on the ground.

It happened at Herson's Hair Salon on South Orange Blossom Trail around 5 p.m., according to Orange County Sheriff's deputies.

Herson Juste, the salon owner, said the crooks locked the door and were inside for 30 minutes.

"When I put my head up, (I) tried to see who they are. The guy told me, 'Put down before I shoot you;,' so I put my head down," he said.

Juste said the men took purses, wallets and cellphones from the 10 victims inside before taking off on foot.

Detectives spent the night interviewing witnesses and dusting the salon for finger prints.

They said no one was hurt, but now Juste is worried about his business.

"That hurt me, man. That hurt me. I'm a father with four kids so you know, they just took my rent money," Juste said.

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