The Brevard Zoo welcomed a female Masai giraffe calf last week, just two weeks after a baby male giraffe was born.

This is the first time the zoo has had two giraffe births in the same month, according to zoo officials.

The female calf born to dad, Raffiki, and mom, Milenna, weighed in at 145 pounds. Mother and baby are bonding well and Milenna is proving to be a protective mother, officials said.

"Staff has introduced the two new calves and the male is more assertive and curious,” said Michelle Smurl, director of the Animal and Conservation Programs at Brevard Zoo. 

Milenna and calf will remain behind the scenes with Johari and her baby boy, born on Feb. 6, until it is determined by animal staff that the foursome is ready to mingle with the rest of the herd.