When Lindy Goff's 2001 Lexus was rear-ended in January, she thought it was the first time her late-model luxury car had ever been in an accident.


But when the auto repair team started working on the vehicle, they discovered damage away from the bumper that had been smashed.

Goff bought the used Lexus in February 2010.

Before she agreed to buy it she ran a check with Carfax.

No issues had been reported.

But it did have problems.

"It's shocking," Goff said, "because you are believing what you're seeing on paper, and it's not true, Goff said.

Goff wanted to know how bad the mystery damage was on her car, so she decided to contact a new company based in Winter Garden.

It is called JustheFaxx.

The company is a made up of professional car buyers and master mechanics.

They use state-of-the art software that has the exact specs of every auto make and model on the market.

R.J. Larson, a veteran used-car buyer, said consumers need to have peace of mind with any car they consider whether it has an accident history or not.

"We try to take the guess work out of it to let you know if your car was hit by a shopping cart or a train," Larson said.

In each case, the cars are put on a lift and measured with a computer system programmed with auto specs.

Larson and his team comb the vehicles from front to back looking for evidence of repair or replacement parts.

The team inspects any car a dealer or consumer is considering buying.

One customer found out a 2006 Mercedes he was considering to purchase had been in an accident.

After the inspection, Larson concluded that the damage was essentially cosmetic.

"Structurally, the car checked out, He said. "We took actual measurements to the millimeter."

Allstate Insurance company reports nearly 16 million accidents are reported every year in the United States, but many of those reports never make it to history data services like Carfax.

Larson said the whole idea behind JustheFaxx is to eliminate the risk.

"A vehicle accident history is not something to be afraid of," he said. "It's something to be educated on."

The cost of a JustheFaxx inspection is $139.

For more information you can go to JustheFax.com