Babies addicted to junk food from mothers?

New study finds eating junk food while pregnant can affect your babies

Published On: Mar 06 2013 01:53:31 PM EST

New research shows that women who eat junk food while pregnant may pass on the love for junk food to their babies.

According to Women's Health a study showed that rats whose mothers ate junk food during pregnancy built up a higher tolerance to junk food and an increased need to achieve a "junk food high."

“In the same way that someone addicted to drugs has to consume more of the drug over time to achieve the same high, continually producing excess opioids by eating too much junk food also results in the need to consume more junk food to get the same pleasurable sensation,” says researcher Beverly Muhlhausler, Ph.D., from the FOODplus Research Centre at the School of Agriculture Food and Wine at The University of Adelaide in Australia.

The study was published in the FASEB Journal. Read more at Women's Health.