Passing the bill

CISPA passed through the House last year, but it never got to the Senate.  

The Obama Administration threatened to veto the bill.

Chances are that it won't pass through the Senate this year.

In fact, Richardson flat out says, "The Senate will not take up CISPA."

"They've taken a more targeted approach, and through their process last year, they've actually moved in the opposite direction," she says. 

Last year Senators unveiled significant privacy amendments to be incorporated into the Cybersecurity Act, which narrowed the bill to contain more privacy protections.

The bill is still in the works, but Richardson says it will be a better alternative to CISPA in terms of privacy.

"We're continuing to lobby Congress so that if they choose to go down this path, they only pass legislation that is narrow, clearly defined and makes sure that companies are only sharing very targeted threat information," says Richardson.