Thieves now appear to be targeting people at one of the worst places imaginable: funeral homes.

At least 3 vehicles had their windows smashed and items stolen when they were parked outside the Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home on Curry Ford Road in Orlando.

Cecilia Beasley says the heartless thieves added insult to injury when they smashed her mini-van's window and stole a purse that was hidden behind the driver's seat.
It happened on Sunday while she was mourning the loss of a friend.

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"To do something like this to people is just a shame," said Beasley.

All of the targeted vehicles were vans or SUVs with windows that allowed thieves to have a good look inside. In all, they stole two purses and a cell phone and caused hundreds of dollars in damage.

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"They know people are maybe not going to be as attentive to what they're doing or maybe leave some things behind too, not to carry into the service," said Beasley.
By the time the service ended, the thieves had already used a stolen card to charge nearly $250 dollars at a nearby Cumberland Farms convenience store.

There could be surveillance video of the thieves, but Orange County Sheriff's detectives are not releasing it at this time.