The crews of the Coast Guard Cutters Confidence and Dauntless intercepted a 30-foot vessel suspected of smuggling narcotics Aug. 17, south of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
While on patrol, an aircraft crew from Coast Guard Air Station Miami, spotted a go-fast vessel south of Guantanamo Bay, officials said.

The cutters were diverted and launched their small boat crews, officials said.
As the Confidence’s boat crew pursued the go-fast vessel, the suspected smugglers were witnessed dumping bales of possible contraband into the water officials said.

The Dauntless' boat crew marked the position and recovered a total of 55 bales from the water, which later tested positive for marijuana, officials said.

The Confidence crew members were able to stop the go-fast vessel, detain four suspected smugglers and locate several more packages aboard the vessel, which tested positive for marijuana, officials said.

Saturday morning, the Coast Guard in Port Canaveral unloaded $2 million worth of marijuana that was seized during this operation.

The Confidence and Dauntless' drug interdiction is one example of many that exhibits the Coast Guard’s efforts in stopping the flow of illegal narcotics into the United States. Both cutters crew primarily conduct counter-drug and undocumented migrant interdiction patrols in the Caribbean Sea.