A U.S. Airways passenger started drinking alcoholic beverages on his flight from Charlotte, N.C., to Daytona Beach on Monday night before he started to sexually harass another passenger and become belligerent, according to the Volusia County Sheriff?s Office.

Mubashar Choudry, 53, was charged with disorderly intoxication in a public place upon landing in Daytona Beach.

Choudry started talking to a young female passenger sitting behind him on the flight and asked her about good places to eat and where to stay in Daytona Beach. His conversation then turned into sexual harassment when he got loud and started telling her what sexual-type things he wanted to do with her, deputies said.

The woman told Choudry that she did not want to have any more conversation with him, to which he responded by yelling, ?(Expletive) you!? deputies said. Other passengers sitting close to Choudry were offended, and they feared for their safety, deputies said.

The disturbance distracted flight crew members from landing procedures as they were attempting to maintain order aboard the plane. Choudry did not follow instructions and continued to harass others on the plane, deputies said. Flight crew members had to move several people to other seats to maintain some control, according to the sheriff?s office.

The flight crew notified Air Traffic Control and requested law enforcement presence at landing, deputies said.

Upon landing, Choudry was taken into custody by Volusia County deputies.