We bank, shop, fill prescriptions, make doctor's appointments, book travel arrangements and pay our bills online.

But the one thing we don't do online is vote in political elections and some think it should be happening already.

According to the technology blog Mashable.com, there is already limited internet voting via emailed absentee ballots.

An editorial on the site explored the reasons why a widespread internet voting system could be possible, despite criticism that it could open the door for inaccuracies.

In fact, the maker of an electronic and internet voting system is arguing that online systems are actually better than paper ballots.

“The premise that a piece of paper is immutable and therefore the best answer for proving that something was what it was intended to be doesn’t make sense to me,” says Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts, a vendor of online and electronic voting systems that have already been used for elections in cities and states all over the U.S.

Read the entire editorial here.