A man who tried to rob a taxi driver left his wallet behind in the cab, which Volusia County deputies say led to his arrest.

Terry Smith, 42, got into a taxi at a convenience store on South Ridgewood Avenue at 4 a.m. and asked to sit up front with the driver because he was feeling carsick, according to deputies. Once they reached their destination, Smith opened the door as if to get out, but then he reached over and tried to grab the driver’s wallet and cell phone from his front pockets, according to the report.

The driver held on to his items and Smith hit the driver in the face twice before running out of the car without paying his $40 fee. The driver told deputies he wasn't planning on reporting the incident but realized Smith left his wallet on the passenger side floorboard.

Deputies were contacted and went to Smith's home where he was found driving nearby, arrested and charged with attempted robbery, battery, petty theft and driving with a suspended license.

He was booked into the Volusia County jail.