A 29-year-old Marion County woman hit a 69-year-old man with a flashlight to steal his cooler of beer, worth $58, according to deputies.

Rose Ann Gray was being dropped off at a home on NE 199th Street Road at around midnight on Monday by the man when she tried to take the cooler out of his truck. When the man told her "no," an argument ensued and she grabbed a large flashlight and hit him in the head, according to the report.

Gray then took the cooler of beer into the house. When deputies arrived, she said that both the cooler and the victim fell out of the truck as the victim drove away. She also said the victim "happened to fall on a flashlight," according to the report.

Gray was arrested on aggravated battery charges, burglary and petit theft. As she was being taken to Marion County jail, she threatened the victim, saying she was going to have another 70-year-old man to come and "beat the s*** out of the victim," and that the deputies should document it in their report.

The cooler was returned to the victim, who suffered a "good-sized" lump on his head from the flashlight.