In the month of July, the Florida Department of Health issued 23 separate emergency suspensions against licensed healthcare professionals across the state for violations ranging from criminal theft charges to failures to pass drug screenings.

Among those suspended were two Miami area doctors who may have been involved in alleged 'pill mill' operations.

Dr. Selwyn Carrington pled guilty to federal drug charges for unlawfully dispensing the drug oxycodone.

The Department of Health suspended his license under a provision in the statute that does not allow licensed medical professionals to be found guilty of a felony.

The department also suspended Dr. Irving Karten, who was licensed in obstetrics and gynecology, after launching an investigation into a Fort Lauderdale pain management clinic were he was working.

In the suspension order, the department said Dr. Karten's patients "all received similar combinations of medications which consisted of moderate-to-high doses of immediate-release, controlled substances and that Dr. Karten prescribed these medications without 'clear medical justification'".

Also under emergency suspension is a Brevard county nursing assistant.  Bushay Reed, who lives in Cocoa,  plead guilty to three counts of credit card fraud and one count of identity theft in February. 

Two Brevard county nurses as well as a Marion county nurse were suspended after drugs were found during employment screenings. 

The emergency suspensions are not final orders.  The licensees are entitled to a hearing before final action is taken. 

For a full list of those suspended, head to the Department of Health's newsroom.