The kickoff event for a massive weekend-long music event went smoothly and without any arrests, police said.

The Electric Daisy Carnival hosts a variety of electronic music artists surrounded by pulsating lights and carnival attractions.

Police estimated roughly 10,000 attendees on opening night at Tinker Field in Orlando, despite heavy rain that halted the party for a short time Friday night.

The event landed in Orlando amid controversy after a similar event last year in Los Angeles ended with hundreds of arrests and drug overdoses, including one where a teen died. The LA event hosted more than 100,000 people and lasted through the early morning.

Orlando city leaders were unable to prevent the music festival from happening, but placed strict rules to prevent similar problems. Police guarded the entrances and searched pockets and bags for drugs and banned items such as lip balm and eyedrops.

Despite the "zero-tolerance" policy on drugs, attendees said drugs were everywhere.

"There's actually a lot of drugs," said Joe Fernandes. "It's there, but you can definitely have a good time without it."

The Orlando event drew a significantly smaller crowd and was capped at 20,000. City leaders told the event organizers to end the event each night at midnight and said they would be fined if the event lingers past the deadline.