Reginald McKinnon, the father who found his baby girl dead in his car after a day of work, and Children's Safety Village of Central Florida teamed up to host an event to build awareness of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.

McKinnon spoke at the event Wednesday and said, even though the memories flood back, if it saves one child by sharing his story it's worth it.

His daughter Payton was just 17-months-old when McKinnon said he took her to a doctor's appointment and was supposed to drop her off at daycare. But he went back to work instead, forgetting she was still in the back seat until four hours later when he discovered her after a day of work in March 2010.

McKinnon said he thought it only happened to drug addicts and alcoholics, not him.

Orange County Fire Rescue gave a demonstration to show even when temperatures are in the 80s inside your car, it can reach 130 degrees inside the vehicle.

Here are some tips to follow to help you never forget about a child in the back seat:

  • When your child is in the backseat, put your cell phone, briefcase or purse in the backseat too.
  • Put a stuffed animal or toy in the car seat at all times. When your child is in the car seat, put the toy in the passenger seat where you can see it.
  • And finally, if you see a child unattended in a car, call 911 immediately. Don't assume the parent is around.