HUDSON, Fla. -

A science teacher at a Florida high school might not get a passing grade from parents after he administered test questions involving hurtling students toward walls and driving over babies.

According to WTSP-TV, school officials at Fivay High School have yet to decide the fate of Dean Liptak, who upset parents with his unusual test questions.

One question reads, "A 50 kg student has a momentum of 500 kg m/s as the teacher launches him toward the wall, what is the velocity of the student heading toward the wall?"

Another asks, "A northbound car with a velocity of 100 m/s ran over a baby with a momentum of 800 kg m/s, what is the mass of the car?"

The station reports Liptak has been teaching in Pasco County for several years, and recently came to Fivay from Ridgewood High School.