Fla. woman accused of attacking couple with stun gun

Police say she caught them in beg together

Published On: May 26 2012 05:41:52 PM EDT

A 34-year-old South Florida woman has been charged with battery after police say she repeatedly shocked the father of her child and his lover after catching the two in bed together.

Police say Eva Hartman went to Alvin Hennis' house on Wednesday and found him in bed with another woman.

She allegedly shocked Hennis on the arm with a stun gun from her key chain.

The other woman ran from the house through a window.

But according to a Margate Police report, Hartman chased the woman and stunned her on the neck and arm.

The Sun Sentinel reports that Hennis told a judge the incident was his fault and called Hartman a good mother and hard worker.

The couple has a 3-year-old daughter.

Hartman was released from jail Thursday.