Florida condo residents use umbrellas to fend off hawks

3 women attacked; 1 treated for rabies

Published On: Apr 17 2013 03:52:33 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 17 2013 04:04:18 PM EDT

No, this isn't the 1963 movie.

The scene is set in Cortez Villas in Bradenton where two red-shouldered hawks have been dive-bombing residents of a retirement community.

Some residents of Cortez Villas are using umbrellas to protect their heads from a pair of hawks that are nesting a fledgling in a 40-foot tree.

One woman received a 4-inch scratch on her scalp. Another had to go to the hospital and get a rabies shot. A third was attacked when she walked to her mailbox.

Although community leaders would like officials to relocate the nest, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission experts say nothing can be done.

The birds are a protected species and it's a federal penalty to destroy the nest.

Officials say birds diving at people are common this time of the year.