Oliver: "I didn't know he had a gun, I'm stunned that he had a gun to be quite frank."

Local 6: When you heard this happened and George Zimmerman is involved what went through your mind?

Oliver: "No, not George. Please not George. That's what went through my mind."

Local 6: "I can see that you are getting emotional so describe him for people that think he's this gun-toting villain, not vigilante, people think he's a villain."

Oliver: "I understand because they don't know George Zimmerman. I'd be with them if I didn't know George Zimmerman."

Local 6: So describe him, Can you paint us a picture of who this guy was?

Oliver: "He is a very good man. He is a very good man who thought he was doing the right thing and it turned out horribly wrong. We have heard stories of him mentoring black children of a single mother.  I learned he and his wife, at church they would take gift cards for food for people who needed it."

Local 6: Then why was he so suspicious of this young man walking through his neighborhood?  He wasn't peeping through windows, or looking into car windows, right?

Oliver: I cant go into details of why George made that call. I can tell you that his neighborhood had been victimized bby a number of burglaries and he saw someone that he didn't recognize acting suspiciously. We are going to have to wait until the grand jury or for another police leak."

Local 6: Do you know what he was doing?

Oliver: "Yes I do."

Local 6: And you won't say because, why?

Oliver: "Because this is George's life and he has been instructed not to talk. I did not, I volunteered for this, I was seeking George, and I didn't find him until he realized how big this was getting and found his attorney."

Local 6: Is he scared for his life?

Oliver: "Of course he is, he is in hiding. He has changed his number.  I cant reach him, but I can reach him, but his wife, her mother doesn't know how to get in touch with him, I don't know where he is at. you know, yea he is scared.

Local 6: You know how big this has gotten and you know what people think of him, why would you want to associate with that and defend his actions when people think they are so awful.

Oliver: "Two reasons, I do know George Zimmerman, and if I didn't know him I would agree with everyone would be out there with them because I am a black male and I have a son who is 18 and I have discussed with him the perils of being black in this country. But I know George Zimmerman and I know what happened between he and Trayvon Martin is only that match that started this firestorm across the country."

Local 6: Why would George go after him?

Oliver: "He saw a suspicious individual who was keeping an eye out so he could let the police know that last place that they saw him, that's one, that's why he would. Go back and take a look at the 911 tape and the dispatcher says 'are you following him' and he says 'Yeah' and the dispatcher says 'We don't need you to do that.' Most of the time that is where it stops but George responds 'OK.'"

Local 6: So do you believe he stopped?

Oliver:  "I believe he was heading back to his vehicle when Trayvon came up to him."

Local 6: Can you describe the attack?

Oliver: "I can say how it was described in the paper was how it was described to me."

Local 6: So his head was bashed in to the sidewalk numerous times and he was decked in the face?

Oliver: It started with a punch to the face that knocked him down. Take into consideration that this man is 6 feet, 2 inches hitting down on him.