Shellie Zimmerman was arrested last week on a charge of making a false statement. As far as a perjury crime for George Zimmerman, Local 6 legal analyst Luis Calderon says he thinks it would be unlikely.

"With regards to a perjury charge, its difficult because if you look at the phone calls there is never an opportunity to an instance where he is directing her to give false testimony," Calderon said.

In an April 16 call, George Zimmerman talks with a woman named Susie, who he calls "sis" and said she was an "angel," in which she responded, chuckling, "You stop it. He’s whispering sweet nothings to me."

In another call, Shellie and George were talking about how they will deal with Zimmerman's release.  Zimmerman told his wife to buy bulletproof vests for them and his attorney and also talked about what type of car he should leave the jail in.

"'Cause you could always like lay down or something," Shellie said.
Zimmerman replied, "Yeah, exactly. Well, I have my hoodie."

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Martin, who was shot and killed Feb. 26 in Sanford.  Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense.

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