A status hearing was held on Thursday in the George Zimmerman case, in which a judge said Zimmerman's family is allowed to testify by phone.

Zimmerman, 28, is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26.

Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara filed a motion on Thursday to allow Zimmerman's family to testify at his bond hearing on Friday by telephone, according to a release. The state attorney's office said they had no objection.

The hearing also coordinated with the clerk's office to keep the telephone numbers of the Zimmerman family private for their safety, according to court officials

O'Mara said there is a real concern about Zimmerman's family members going and coming from the courtroom.

"There's a lot of concerns right now that it might be an emotional hearing based on what the outcome might be with the judge," O'Mara said. "So I'd rather have the family safe and secure."

O'Mara said Zimmerman's family members will vouch that Zimmerman is not a flight risk and should be granted bond.

"So far he has shown continued connection with FDLE, and he surrendered himself, that's a suggestion that he's going to be involved in the process," O'Mara said.

O'Mara also pushed for Zimmerman to be able to wear normal clothes instead of a jail jumpsuit because he says the public doesn't know Zimmerman as anyone else outside of wearing a jumpsuit.

"I'd rather have more pictures of who he is, which is in street clothes," O'Mara said.

Meanwhile, a community meeting is being held in Sanford at the Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Thursday night to help repair the broken city.

The bond hearing for Zimmerman, who remains in jail after being arrested last week,was held on Friday. The new judge appointed to the case, Kenneth Lester Jr., will preside.

Judge Jessica Recksiedler recused herself on Wednesday after O'Mara, filed a motion on Monday asking for the recusal of Recksiedler, whose husband works for the law firm of Mark NeJame, who recommended Zimmerman to O'Mara.

The judge who was supposed to preside after Recksiedler also filed a notice of conflict because of prior business and a personal relationship with O'Mara, according to a release.

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