Traffic signs have been gathered, and gates are locked- driving on Daytona Beach has been shut down.

Volusia County Beach Patrol Captain Tammy Marris says higher than normal tides are to blame for the closures.

[PICS: Beach erosion]

Constant on shore winds coming from the North, are increasing the waves and the surf, and pushing the water into the sea wall.

Marris says another concern is beach erosion.

In some areas around the beach, there's up to two feet of sand that has been washed away.

The high tide hasn't kept tourists from the beach, but they can note the difference.

"It's high, it's really high. We were hoping there would be a little more room to walk along but that tide is really high," said Vicky Legg, who is visiting from Germany.

Marris says beach driving may be shut down for the next few days, depending on the weather.