Hotline lets you confess your sins anonymously

Man dubbed 'Mr. Apology' has set up phone line

Published On: Mar 18 2013 08:09:26 AM EDT

Do you have a dark secret you want to get off your chest but are too embarrassed or ashamed to tell anyone? Then pick up your phone.

[SEE IMAGE: Confess your sins by phone]

A Brooklyn man dubbed "Mr. Apology" has set up a phone line to let New Yorkers confess their sins.

He has posted signs across the city that read: "Criminals... get your misdeeds off your chest!"

The service guarantees callers will remain anonymous when they confess their secrets to an answering machine.

The New York Post published several excerpts of what people are confessing:

“I’m sorry that I got in to this really wicked, sick, demented relationship with a girl," an anonymous man said. "I’m 18 and she happens to be 16.”

In another message, an anonymous woman said, "I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend ... and she doesn’t know."

The phone line is not affiliated with police, government or religious organizations.