An infamous picture showing Casey Anthony wrapped only in the American flag at an "anything-but-clothes" party was taken a year ago on Memorial Day weekend.

Local 6 News reporter Tony Pipitone continues to revisit the past year in the life of Anthony, who is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee, whose remains were found in December. Caylee was 2 years old when she was reported missing in July, about a month after she was last seen alive.

The controversial picture was taken on Sunday, May 25, 2008, at the party hosted by Iassen Donov.

"She was at our 'anything-but-clothes' party," Donov told investigators.

Anthony's then-best friend Amy Huizenga also attended the party.

"I don't know if you guys have seen the picture of Casey and the American flag. That's from the no-clothes party we had in May," Huizenga said to investigators in a released interview.

She also told investigators that Anthony's mother, Cindy Anthony, confronted her daughter over the picture. Huizenga said Casey Anthony told her mother that she was working the night of May 25 and needed her mother to watch Caylee.

"She pretty much shoved that picture that she had printed it off from a computer in her face, and said, 'You're at work, huh?'" Huizenga said.

Brandon Snow, a former boyfriend of Casey Anthony whom she claims impregnated her, leading to a miscarriage on Valentine's Day 2007, was at the party and had a discussion with Casey Anthony.

"She pulled him aside and he was intoxicated. She pulled him aside, went to talk to him out front, maybe to have a heart-to-heart. I don't know what was said. They were out front (and) Casey came running to the back bawling hysterically getting the people that she was, she came with, to leave," said Annie Downing, a friend of Casey Anthony.

"She said she had a miscarriage, that she was pregnant, but then she had a miscarriage. But he didn't believe it," Donov said. "And being that I guess Casey now is a pathological liar, I trust Brandon. I believe him."

Donov also has a theory about what happened to Caylee.

"I think she killed her kid. I don't think anybody else was involved," he said.

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