Both Moore and Pelleymounter said parents of premies are very concerned about this issue and our networking together through internet blogs to try to get it covered past age two.

"I have preemie moms across the country through my network that their insurance did not cover it and their child did not receive it and ended up with RSV," said Moore, who thinks it should be covered at least through age 4 to get them through their first year of preschool.

Pelleymounter said he knows parents who are afraid to even let their children around other kids who may have been at daycare.   He and his wife enforce constant hand washing and clothes changes throughout the day to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dr. Livingston said Synagis is not something a normal healthy child would need although everyone is at risk for RSV.  In children and adults with better immune systems it will appear as a very brassy lingering cough.

Livingston said if your child gets a cough of this nature with perpetual chest-pulling you should consult a doctor.