Red-light cameras in Kissimmee have captured more than just red-light runners, according to police.

Since the five cameras were put up in February, the cameras have captured three different car accidents with minor injuries caused by red-light running.

On May 18 at around 10 p.m. the first camera installed at the intersection of Neptune Road and Main Street in Kissimmee captured a driver running a red light. On the morning of June 21, the camera at the intersection of Vine Street and Dyer Boulevard captured a car running a light that had been red for about five seconds.

On August 3, a car ran a red-light at West Vine Street and North Thacker Avenue, striking another vehicle.

The penalty of running the red light is a $158 ticket. Drivers told Local 6 they're noticing the cameras and that they think the cameras are making a difference.

"People are actually stopping at the corner now, before they go around the corner, I think they're helping," said Kissimmee resident Tim Hefner.

Kissimmee police said five more cameras will be installed at city intersections.