And Disney released a picture of the model of the whole area -- which is due to open in phases by 2016 -- doubling the size of Downtown Disney.


How is there room to double the size? the model doesn't clearly show -- two new parking garages will be built to hopefully ease congestion and make room for the new Town Center. (Don't worry -- Disney says parking will still be free)

Take a look - you can see the water tower at the front of that model. Town Center is behind it -- as is the new main entrance.


But There's a lot that was left out of the announcement. Including who will fill all of that new space. These images have been floating on the internet -- and are reportedly from cast member briefings.



An Apple Store? American Girl? Dior? There's also a logo for The Edison -- an upscale themed bar and eatery in Downtown LA. Here's a link to its page.

Now -- this could just be a Disney Wishlist. Sources tell me the big names want their own announcements. Those should start coming once construction begins.

And take a closer look a the left side of the model

ph model

That's the Planet Hollywood building -- which is getting a whole new look -- but as of now -- I hear it will still be a Planet Hollywood.

planet hollywood

And I'm sorry Pleasure Island fans -- the Adventurer's Club is not coming back.

Here are two ideas for retheming the building. Not sure if this is the final look.



Disney also announced to cast members that Captain Jacks restaurant will be closing - but cast members will be transferred -- not fired. It and many of the other original 70's buildings will be torn down or heavily rebuilt.

Here's a link to a FAQ on Disney Springs from our friends at WDWMagic.com

There's a lot of news still to come and we will keep on top of it for you!
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