A Central Florida scuba diver found a class ring in a local swimming hole in Seminole county.  The ring belongs to Louise Hearst Entzminger who lost the ring while visiting family in the 1930s.

Scuba diver Reed Banjanin found the Mississippi woman's College ring last summer while diving with a metal detector. He set out to find the owner.

The Orlando Sentinel reports 38-year-old Banjanin used the internet to track down information about Entzminger who died in 1975. He found that her grandson John Entzminger was alive and living in Oakton, Va.

Entzminger received the call from Banjanin about the ring on his birthday, he is 75. The ring arrive in the mail on Christmas Eve.

Entzminger, a retired engineer plans to pass the ring along to his grandchildren as a family heirloom.