Orlando, FLA. -

Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore learned Friday night from NBA sources that the Orlando Magic are "very close" to trading center Dwight Howard.  

Pingalore's sources, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the proceedings, were not ready to name the team that the Magic were tradingHoward to at this time. One source told Pingalore they were "very confident that a deal is close tobeing done." The parameters of trades can be discussed now, but they can't become official until Wednesday under NBA rules.

The sources believe that the Brooklyn Nets are out of the mix to land Howard.  

The sources could not stress enough that a deal is close to being finalized and that the Magic will meet Howard'strade request to play elsewhere next season. 

Brooklyn had been Howard's first choice from December, when he first asked to be traded. Howard said he will notsign an extension after this season with any team other than the Nets. The all-star center's preferred destination has been limited to just one team since the traderequest that he reiterated to new Magic GM Rob Hennigan last Friday in Los Angeles. 

Pingalore's sources believe that the Los Angeles Lakers are very much in play for Howard. The Lakers reached an agreement for a sign-and-trade deal for two-time MVP point guard Steve Nash on Wednesday. A deal for Howard could result in the Lakers shipping center Andrew Bynum or power forward Pau Gasol to Orlando.

Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant was asked about Howard on Friday during a Team USA media 
session in Las Vegas. "I want what's best for him,'' Bryant said. "I want him to do what he 
feels is best for him, what's going to make him happy."

Kobe added after being asked about the Lakers recent roster moves, "I don't know 
if we're done yet."