A Merritt Island man died this week after snorting something from a package he found floating in the water while fishing off Fiesta Key.

Thomas Swindal, 53, died late Thursday in a Miami hospital, Monroe County sheriff's spokeswoman Deputy Becky Herrin said. Toxicology testing, which can take several weeks, may show what he ingested, she said.

Swindal was fishing with his brother, Kenneth Swindal, on Wednesday afternoon when the two found a package, thought by the brothers to be a kilo brick of cocaine, and brought it aboard their boat.

Not sure what to do with the package, the brothers tossed it in a bait well and continued fishing.

According to Herrin, Kenneth Swindal told detectives he noticed his brother opening the package and snorting some of its contents, Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported.

About an hour and a half later, Thomas Swindal started acting strangely, running around the boat and throwing items -- including a cell phone and VHF radio -- overboard.

At one point, Thomas Swindal took the cover off the engine and struck it with a fishing gaffe and damaged it, authorities said.

To protect his brother, Kenneth Swindal threw the package and all sharp items off the boat.

With no way to call for help, Kenneth Swindal flagged down a neighboring boat.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission personnel responded, taking the two men to shore.

Thomas Swindal was taken to Fishermen's Hospital before being transferred to South Miami Hospital.