Two days before the Daytona 500, NASCAR took Local 6 behind the scenes, showing their new system for drying the race track.

It's called the "Air Titan" system, and it was developed after last year's Daytona 500, after Juan Pablo Montoya's car crashed into a jet dryer.

"The idea came up that, why don't we use compressed air to almost air squeegee it off the track," said Shawn Rogers, a NASCAR spokesperson.

The system shoots out 1600 cubic feet of high pressure air from a slit, thinner than a business card, pushing water off the track.

The air is supplied by large compressors, which sit on a flat-bed truck, which drives alongside the truck pulling the Air Titan.

The high pressure curtain of air moves the water down the track, which will then be sucked up by vacuum trucks.

Jet dryers will also be trailing behind the Air Titan parade, to dry any excess water left behind.