An Old West-style battle has made its way to the streets of New York City, after the "Naked Cowboy" threatened legal action against the new "Naked Indian" over the right to perform in Times Square.

The Cowboy, Robert Burck, has been singing and playing the guitar in his underwear in the area for more than a decade. But the Indian, Adam Davies, who wears underwear and a headdress, said he's no threat to the legendary Cowboy, because there's enough room in Times Square for more entertainers, the New York Daily News reported.

Burck told the newspaper that he has no personal quarrel with Davies, but that he will sue him if he doesn't either end his act or purchase a franchise with his company, Naked Cowboy Enterprises, in order to perform.

"I've been here 365 days, every day for 13 years and change," Burck told the Daily News. "He's only been here 16 days and missed two already."

"No one was doing an Indian," Davies said.

Times Square visitors told the newspaper that they have a clear favorite in the battle over naked street acts, with some saying they prefer the cowboy because he's flirty and he sings -- the Indian does not.

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