Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention is probably not going to be watched by as many people that are tuning in to the season opener of the NFL where the Dallas Cowboys are taking on the New York Giants.

But according to Politico, the Obama campaign has already considered the this in it’s gamebook.

The online publication reviewed the Federal Communications Commission database and found that Obama for America is spending nearly $1 million in ads during local programming related to the NFL or college football in key swing state media markets.

During this weekend’s Sunday night game where the Denver Broncos take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, the campaign spent $60,000 on two spots on Denver’s NBC affiliate.

“In Florida, the campaign has spent thousands on ads in Tampa, Orlando and West Palm Beach. On Tampa’s FOX affiliate, WTVT, a 30-second spot during a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Washington Redskins in September cost the Obama campaign $19,500,” wrote Politico.