When you go to the polls, you may encounter long lines on Election Day because of the 11 separate initiatives on next month's ballot

Officials are expecting a decrease in turnout state wide because the lengthy ballot will mean length lines at polling places.

"Our thinking is, once you get in line, you're committed, you're going to cast a ballot; if you cant even get in line because there's no parking spaces, then maybe you're not going to vote and it will effect turnout," said Michael Ertel, Seminole County's Supervisor of Elections.

He's predicting the average voter will take about 30 minutes to go through the ballot.
"I don't think that's good- I think a lot of people may get left out," said Eugene Petty of Sanford.

Officials are encouraging voters to read a sample ballot at home before heading to the polls.

"I had to read No. 5 I think 3 or 4 times to make sure I understood exactly what it was saying," said Warren Kaul, of Seminole County.

The initiatives are the most Shirley Johnson of Sanford says she's seen in 30 years.

"Nothing surprises me anymore, I'm just going along with it," she said.

To see the the amendments, visit the State Supervisor of Elections Office website.