Lion's head coach Wes Allen then made the decision to have his Lions go for a 2-point conversion to be up by a field goal over the visiting Trojans.

The Lions were not successful on its attempt.

But here is what the game will be remembered for. Take away the 47 minutes before because the last minute is all that both teams will remember of this game.

With roughly a minute on the clock, there is no way the Oviedo Lions could pull out another heart stopper again like they have been doing in this years playoffs, could they?

Down 29-28, Lincoln had to go to the air, which they did.

With about 50 seconds left, QB Cameron Joseph hooks up Reggie Davis for a remarkable TD! About the time Davis crossed the goaline, you could hear the air being sucked out of the Oviedo crowd. 

The end result would be Lincoln winning the game 35-29 and advancing to the state semi's and breaking the hearts of Lion nation in Oviedo. 

This was an instant classic, no doubt about it. Keep your heads up Oviedo fans, you have a great team coming back next year and you have so much to proud of this year!

Congratulations to the Tallahassee Trojans, who will make their way back to Central Florida next week for a chance to play in the FHSAA 7A championship. But first they must go through Osceola Kissimmee. Osceola will be hosting that game next Friday and kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

Oviedo finishes its season with a record of 11-2.

What a night of high school football, what a game.