Embattled Maitland City Councilman Phil Bonus has resigned from his post on the city council on Thursday.

Maitland City Mayor Howard Scheiferdecker tells Local 6 Bonus resigned from his position as vice mayor effective immediately. Scheiferdecker will hold a news conference at 4 p.m. on Friday to discuss Bonus' resignation.

Bonus came under fire as two scandals heaped public scrutiny on his ability to lead. He resigned himself from his post as president-elect at the Maitland Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. He failed to show up for a scheduled council meeting Monday night, but fellow members stripped him of his Vice Mayor title in his absence.

Last week, Bonus was linked to a prostitution case that listed him as having visited a brothel. Then, his DUI arrest from December 7,  2011 was made public as was dash cam video of his field sobriety test where he stumbled following an officer's commands.