With the next presidential election barely a year away, pollsters say a new sector of voters will be key to the election -- Walmart Moms.

Pollsters say Walmart Moms make up about 15 percent of the voting population, and they get attention because they are a swing voter sub-group. They voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but went Republican in the midterms last year.

Walmart Moms consist of women who have two or more children under the age of 18 and have shopped at Walmart within the last month -- and the group is not happy.

A focus group done last week shows that the group is up for grabs. They're depressed and discouraged by the current political climate and disenchanted with Obama.

Walmart Moms in the focus group said Obama talks a good game but does not lead strongly enough.

"You can have the most beautiful speeches, you can promise so many things, but, he's only a man," one Walmart Mom said.

The group expressed nostalgia for how the George W. Bush administration wielded its power over Congress and others.

"We need somebody like what we had that got us into this. The administration did what they wanted. That's what we need now," a group member said.

Walmart Moms also said they think a so-called do-nothing Congress should be held accountable as well, and they said Obama is not solely, or even primarily, to blame for the economy.

"He inherited so much stuff from the previous administration. You can't fix it all in two years," a group member said.

The focus groups were conducted for Walmart by two polling organizations, one conservative and one progressive.

The women did not know a lot about the details of politics, but what they feel about the candidates is going to matter when they vote next November.