SeaWorld team rescues stranded baby dolphin

5-day-old dolphin found stuck under mangrove

Published On: May 21 2012 06:12:24 PM EDT   Updated On: May 22 2012 11:19:29 AM EDT

A newborn dolphin that was found stranded in shallow waters in Volusia County has been rescued by SeaWorld Orlando workers.

The animal rescue team traveled to Three Sisters Island on Sunday to save the 35-pound male dolphin, which was stuck under a mangrove.

SeaWorld officials said they believe the dolphin is no more than five days old because of its size and the fact that its umbilical cord was still attached when they discovered it.

Veterinarians at SeaWorld Orlando say the animal had no major health risks but will have to be tube-fed every two hours to get its nutrients.

Dolphin calves usually nurse from their mother until they are 12 to 18 months old, according to officials.

SeaWorld officials said they believe the dolphin was probably separated from his mother before being stranded.