Using graph search while having lunch, Herring was able to locate all of the employees at a popular Park Avenue restaurant who listed their place of employment on the social network.

Within a few minutes, she found the photographs and information for a woman who appeared to be the hostess at Bospohorous Turkish restaurant.

“I thought I was in trouble,” said Nona Tyler, the graduate student and hostess at the restaurant.

Tyler was shocked when Local 6’s Lauren Rowe showed her the iPad containing her Facebook profiles and photos.

“I guess if it was for the wrong intention it would be slightly concerning," she said. "Then again, I put it out there."

It’s why Duncan and Herring recommend that everyone take a close look and be in control of their privacy settings. 

"Graph Search is an easy way to search an index of every piece of data on Facebook," said Herring. "That means, you now have to consider who will be able to see any data that relates to you, right down to where you work or where you went to school."

For minors that are registered as adults, it is as simple as going to the about section of their profiles and entering the correct birthdates. By having a birthdate as a minor, the audience who can view your information is automatically limited.

Facebook said they require users to contact them if they are attempting to change a birthdate.  That can be easily done through a contact link that appears on the site while changing a birthdate.

Local 6’s Lauren Rowe has a video tutorial with Herring to walk users through the various aspects of Facebook privacy settings-view it here.