Seminole County residents will soon have to pay more in property taxes and the extra money to go to Seminole County schools.

In Tuesday's election, voters approved a $1 tax increase for every thousand dollars of home value. So for an example, if your home is valued at $150,000, your taxes would go up $150.

The referendum passed 56 percent to 43 percent.

The school district wants the increase to raise millions to help fund the district's budget, which they have been struggling to balance.

Local 6 spoke to voters who all seemed to be on board for the increase, but others say it's not the time to increase taxes.

"I voted against property taxes," said Kevin Moody. "Things are too difficult right now to raise any kinds of taxes on property or anything."

Others say the extra money is necessary.

"The teachers are overwhelmed, they need the extra money and we need to put it to a good cause which is our children and their education," said Diana Baker.

The district says schools are threatened by reductions in the state funding, forcing cuts in programs and staff during the past several years. The district says without the extra taxes, the district predicts additional cuts to academics, arts and athletics, including more school closures.