A spectator at the Casey Anthony murder trial was found guilty of criminal contempt Thursday afternoon for flipping off prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

Judge Belvin Perry showed Matthew Bartlett a sign posted in the courtroom prohibiting spectators from making any gestures of any kind.

"I'm truly sorry for doing this; this is something stupid," Bartlett said.

Perry emphasized the potential damage Bartlett's behavior could have caused if he was seen by the jury.

Perry sentenced him to six days in the Orange County Jail and a fine of $400 plus court costs of more than $200.

Bartlett, 28, said he is a server at the TGI Fridays at Millennia Mall. He said he makes around $15,000 a year and has $12 in savings.

Thursday was day 32 of the Casey Anthony murder trial. Bartlett's action occurred Thursday afternoon after the defense rested its case and the state began presenting its rebuttal case.

Closing arguments are expected to be held Saturday, with the jury deliberating over the holiday weekend.

If convicted of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee, Anthony could face the death penalty.