The opening credits for the summer blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises," had just started rolling when the audience in Century 16’s Theatre- 9 in Aurora, Colo. was caught in a lone gunman’s twisted rage .

What would you do? What could you do?

Veteran attorney Jon Gutmacher, an expert on self-defense issues and author of the book Florida Firearms Law Use & Ownership, says this was something no one could have prepared for.

"This wasn’t self-defense. This was survival," he said.

Gutmacher says someone armed and trained might have been able to fire back if they were in the front row but this crowd wasn’t about combat or self-defense.

"What you want to do is pick out two exits so you have exit route A and exit route B, if you have a chance go for it," Gutmacher said.

Martial Arts and self-defense trainer Jeff Moldovan says distraction would have served as the best weapon for this crowd.

"If he hasn’t hit you, hit him with everything you’ve got. Start tossing Cokes, cans, cups, then rush him and don’t hit him high, hit him low."

Both Moldovan and Gutmacher agree there were no clear cut options.

When asked if anyone acted improperly Gutmacher paused and said, "No, absolutely not."